3 Anxiety Symptoms That You SHOULD NOT Ignore

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Anxiety can be described as a feeling of unease such as worry, fear or worry. It can be either mild or severe.

Anxiety sufferers often describe how difficult it is to deal with anxiety.

Anxiety can cause emotional drain.

Anxiety can also drain your energy.

These are three anxiety symptoms that you should not ignore.

These symptoms should be reported immediately to your doctor if you are experiencing any of them.


Yes, anxiety can manifest as unwanted physical symptoms.

Headaches are often caused by stress, which can cause muscle tension around the head.

It is important to mention that caffeine in other beverages, such as tea or coffee, can worsen this condition.

If you are suffering from constant headaches, it could be anxiety.


Our brains are flooded with anxious thoughts and we lose patience when it comes to things that require our attention.

You might snap at someone or something when they need your attention.

Do you feel moody? Do you get easily upset?

Are you more moody than others?

Are you prone to shouting or having a lot of fun with others?

This could be an indication that you are suffering from anxiety.


Poor digestion has been linked directly to anxiety, as well as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

The digestive system is often affected by a brain that is “not right”.

The gastrointestinal tract is responsible for producing between 80 and 90% of brain’s “calming” neurotransmitter serotonin.

This leads to two things: poor digestion and inefficient serotonin production.

Are you having trouble with digestion?

Is IBS a problem?

It could be due to anxiety.

Here are some quick, helpful tips on dealing with anxiety:
1. A balanced diet can help you avoid anxiety.
2. Exercise – Although it can be hard to stick to a routine, there are few activities that are more effective in relieving anxiety symptoms.
3. A schedule is important – anxiety can throw off any attempts at organization. A schedule and the ability to write things down can be helpful in getting things done.


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