369 | PTSD, ASD, ADHD and Women with Juliet

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Listen as your host, Eric Tivers, and his guest Juliet discuss the intersectionality not just with ADHD but also as a woman and a mom who is on the Autism spectrum and recently diagnosed with PTSD. Juliet is currently in recovery. She has participated in several twelve-step programs and worked as a counselor for drug and alcohol abuse.

Juliet tells her story, and how it was for her as a young girl with autism spectrum disorder. Juliet talks about her childhood sexual abuse and how she didn’t get help. The untreated trauma impacted her entire life. Juliet discusses her eating disorder and alcoholism.

Juliet talks about her experiences with twelve-step programs. She also discusses how addiction can be a symptom or symptom of circumstances. Juliet also discusses how other issues can arise and how you need to deal with them all. Juliet discusses how she manages to untangle the interdependence between sensory processing and Autism, as well as the trauma being held in her body. Juliet also discusses her speech inarticulation problems and how trauma triggers her brain’s language function.

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Juliet talks about her professional life, what she finds most exciting, and gives advice to anyone who is looking for help for ADHD, PTSD or ASD. [02:51] Juliet, welcome to the show! [03:40] Juliet tells her story about being a young girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder. [07:03] Juliet discusses her refusal to speak out about her sexual abuse, and how it has affected her life. [08:52] She talks about her son’s diagnosis as autistic. [11:19] Juliet relates that she went through the checklist with her son, and it felt familiar. [12:16] Why did you decide to seek treatment for your eating disorder and alcoholism. [15:22] Juliet discusses the twelve-week program she underwent to treat her eating disorders. [21:38] Eric talks about addiction and the increasing evidence that it is a sign of a person’s circumstances. [24:34] Juliet believes the twelve-step program works when you stay committed and learn from her experiences. [28:27] Eric discusses the effectiveness rate of AA and other programs. [30:35] Juliet believes when you put things down other things will come up so you need to learn how to deal with them. [38:33] Juliet shares her vision of the world through colors. [41:26] Julie explains how she untangles sensory processing and Autism. [42:44] Trauma triggers the brain’s language section to shut down. [44:29] What is the secret to your speech inarticulation problems? [46:01] Juliet explains what she does professionally. [50:16] Tell us about your experience with ADHD and Autism. [51:39] Juliet offers some tips for anyone seeking help for ADHD, PTSD or ASD. [53:17] Thank you for being on the show! [54:03] If you are a regular listener, consider becoming a patron by clicking on our Patreon tab at www.ADHDreWired.com

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