5 Natural Alternatives to ADHD Medication (..that work)

5 Natural Alternatives to ADHD Medication (..that work)
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How can you cure ADHD naturally? I’ve found 5 natural ways to treat adhd naturally. Side-effects of prescribed medication like ritalin or adderal, methylphenidate or concerta can include mood swings, demotivation, or, for me, just feeling more frustrated.

These are the 5 ways to do it: 1. Exercise
2. Consuming the right food (including )
supplements) is key.- Protein
– Natural Supplements
Iron: v
Omega 3: d
Zinc: H
Vitamin C, B16 & B12: s
3. Mindfulness Meditation
4. Get 8+ hours of sleep
5. L-Theanine and Coffee
L-Theanine: O

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