7 GREAT Reasons to Procrastinate

Prone to Procrastination? It’s decided that I will do it tomorrow. Then I put it off yet again. And so on. Procrastinating can be frustrating, costly, and disheartening. Why do I keep doing it? Why do you put off doing it?

There are many reasons. There are many reasons why I procrastinate. I have learned to distinguish between the reasons I don’t take on certain tasks or decisions. This has nothing to do wit failure, laziness or lack of willpower. “

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Are there good reasons to procrastinate?

Sometimes I realize there are many reasons to procrastinate, fear of failure, or fear of success. If I do a great work, then everyone will expect me to do great work, or perfection. You can lose trust in yourself, end relationships and get fired if you procrastinate.

You also have to consider the long-term cost in terms of self-esteem and self-confidence. There are also the potential financial setbacks. I’m referring to the career and financial setbacks. These can be as simple as late fees or fines for not paying the required amount or being late. However, there may be valid reasons to procrastinate in certain circumstances. Let me simply say that procrastinating is a way to not do what you want, need, or desire to do. Yes.

Now that I understand what you are thinking, I can tell you that you are thinking “what?” Keep reading. To determine if your procrastinating is for a good, rational, logical, or unavoidable reason, you need to identify the reason. If it is logically sensible, unavoidable or logical, then you can let that task go for now. Okay, I was going to put it off, but everything is fine.

Reason #1 for Procrastinating – Waiting on something you don’t have
The first reason you procrastinate is because you are waiting on someone or something.

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Reason #2 to Procrastinate: Doubts about a Person Involved
You are starting to doubt the person or people you are involved with.

Perhaps it’s a new couple and they love bomb you. It’s one thing for someone to say that after six months of being with you, but what about on their second date? If you are just standing in line at a donut shop, and the person behind you says that, you know? Except they are really good donuts (which I know I would), then that’s someone you would. I am married, but…

Reason #3: Procrastinate because you need different skills or knowledge

You might need a degree or the right skills, tools and knowledge to fix the oven light bulb.

Reason #4: You’re No Longer Committed

It’s exciting to ride on a SeaDoo, and you know how it feels. I’m going to start a SeaDoo business, and we’ll rent them all out! You know what happens next? The summer is over and you see an ad for charity that could help children for a decade.

Reason #5 to Procrastinate: Too Much Mental Effort
You’re exhausted because the task is too difficult.

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