A Common Cause of Anxiety that is Often Neglected

When it comes to anxiety recovery we often hear people talking about root causes and how getting to the bottom of it is a necessary step for any anxiety disorder recovery and finding long-term anxiety relief.
Although I agree with the fact that anxiety can be caused by many things and triggers, my perception of root causes is a little distorted.
We often think of deep-rooted emotional traumas that we have hidden deep within our subconscious when we hear about root causes. A root cause for anxiety is, in my opinion, a lot more obvious and less hidden than it might seem. We all know the root cause of anxiety and stress.
Many people feel their first anxiety symptoms in their teens or early adulthood. I suspect it is related to “growing up”, taking on more responsibilities, and finding your purpose in life.
In a time in our lives where there are many changes, we feel the need to discover our identity and express ourselves. We might be reluctant to express ourselves because we fear what others might think. This can lead to us feeling lost and hopeless.
We are expected to work in certain jobs, so we become friends with people we don’t like. This leads us to live a different life than we ever imagined.
It seems that many people who deal with anxiety and all its symptoms have made it their sole mission to stop the symptoms so they can live their lives as normal.
But, I believe long-term recovery comes down to self-confidence and living a healthier life. It is also about setting up structures that will allow you to build a life you can be proud of.
Once you start this process, it will be so rewarding and motivating that all your anxiety will disappear.


You will be more relaxed and able to concentrate on the important aspects of anxiety recovery. These I explain in detail in this playlist:

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