A Personal Conceptualization of Psychopathology

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Introduction A conceptualization of psychopathology involves an attempt to come up with a clear definition of the term. It tries to delineate the kind of human experiences and psychological phenomena that can be considered to be psychopathological and the ones that cannot. A conceptualization of psychopathology never goes into the deep details of explaining the kind of psychological phenomena considered to be pathological. This is the work of the theories of psychopathology. A theory of psychopathology is thus an attempt to give an explanation of the psychological experiences and phenomena identified by the conceptualization of psychopathology. Some of the common theories of psychopathology include psychosynthesis, Jungian theory, trauma-based psychology, object-relations and others. This paper is based on a conceptualization of psychopathology in relation to the psychosynthesis theory.

In this video I highlight the different ways ADHD symptoms tend to express themselves in girls. For a better sense of ADHD in general check out “How to Know if You Have ADHD:” />

To clarify: I am not suggesting that there is a “girl” or a “boy” form of ADHD. Any gender can have the hyperactivity component, and any gender can be primarily inattentive. In this video I talk about what is more common; however, it’s important that we learn to recognize both forms in all genders.

ADHD in girls: What You Need to Know: />

Lost Generation of Women: /

ADD Women and Girls: Late ADHD Diagnosis, Little Treatment (ADDitude magazine): H

Diagnosing ADHD Girls (ADDitude magazine): q

Neuropsychiatric differences between boys and girls with ADHD (Psychiatric Times): W

00: 00 – Intro & Find The ADHDer!
00: 46 – Why DOES ADHD go unnoticed in girls?
02: 37 – How do we know what to look for?
04: 01 – Video Wrap-Up & Outro!

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