ADD & Loving It? (Full PBS Documentary)

ADD & Loving It? (Full PBS Documentary)

ADD & Loving It?! Answers all your questions: What is the difference between ADHD & ADD? Is ADHD a real diagnosis? Adults can be diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. What are the symptoms and signs of ADHD? What are the symptoms of ADHD? Is there an ADHD test that I can take? Are there ADHD medications I can take?

ADD & Loving It! It is widely regarded as the most comprehensive and effective program ever created on ADHD and ADD. This video is a groundbreaking blend of humor, hope and hard science. It has been viewed millions of times and received countless accolades from viewers.

As Patrick McKenna, comedian (The Red Green Show and Traders), seeks a diagnosis of adult ADHD, he is joined by an impressive array ADHD experts. Some of them have ADHD.

Patrick shares his experiences with ADHD as a father and husband, and Janis, his wife, also share their candid stories.

This program, which was co-starred and directed by Rick Green (Bill on the Red Green Show), has helped millions to get rid of shame, guilt and fear. One fan wrote that “Everything I thought about ADHD was wrong!” “Thank you!”

This fascinating documentary is funny, inspiring, and transformative. Even if you have ADHD, it’s possible to watch this video! This is the only ADHD video you need to see!

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00: 54 Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD and ADD
01: 44 It’s not all bad news
03: 20 Myths and misinformation
04: 52 Be careful who you tell
05: 33 Positive attributes
06: 54 What is ADHD / ADD?
08: 58 Genes involved
09: 20 How many people have ADHD / ADD?
09: 49 ADHD / ADD and Learning Disorders
10: 04 Busting Myths
10: 53 Is there one clear symptom?
11: 49 Why is a diagnosis important?
13: 20 Tests for ADHD / ADD
13: 40 What to look for
15: 16 DSM criteria for ADHD
16: 10 Common adult ADHD traits
22: 09 Diagnosing adult ADHD
25: 29 Does everyone have ADHD?
26: 03 Four aspects of focus
28: 36 What is it like to have ADHD?
29: 39 Why do people with ADHD like chaos?
31: 50 Do we behave this way on purpose?
32: 44 Is adult ADHD hard to spot?
35: 21 Self esteem and it’s importance
37: 20 What happens after I’ve been diagnosed?
39: 02 Diagnosed. What now?
39: 23 Five keys to success
48: 08 Medication
54: 31 Summary
56: 27 closing credits

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