Adderall – Orbit 17

Better Brain, Better Game!

Ever fall asleep while studying for a final exam? You may then dream of being late for class, and having to battle endless waves of scantrons. I hope you remembered to bring your bluebook. You forgot to put on clothes! It’s so embarrassing.



You will find the answers deep within
Find the time
Your whole life depends on

Close your eyes
You must remain focused on the prize
Look inside
One lesson to be taught

You won’t be able to find
is the answer.
Find the time
It may hurt, but it will pass quickly. Keep going

Fill in the circles in
Fill in the circles in

Pick me up
You control your destiny, so hold on
Put me down
Keep holding on
, the carrot is not far away.
Fill in the circles in
Fill in the circles in

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Unlock your A-Game!

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