ADHD | 5 Causes of ADHD-like Symptoms That Parents Can Address

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12% of teens and kids are diagnosed with ADHD in the United States, almost double what the numbers were 9 years ago. Dr. Nicole Beurkens discusses ADHD symptoms, and five key issues that can cause ADHD-like symptoms.

ADHD can manifest in many different ways. Here are some examples. One type might exhibit inattentiveness, difficulty focusing and paying attention at school and home, disorganized behavior, and trouble managing time.

A more impulsive hyperactive personality is also available. This type has individuals who are more impulsive in their decision-making and behavior. Sometimes they can seem “all over” mentally and physically. (Read more …)

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This is important…
Hyperactivity and inattention can be normal depending on the age and environment.

We look for behaviors that are inappropriate for the child’s developmental level when diagnosing them.

These are five key areas that can lead to ADHD-like symptoms. These issues can often be addressed and the ADHD diagnosis can be dismissed.

5 Key Issues to Be Aware Of1. Nutrition – Highly processed diet (sugar and artificial sweeteners as well as dyes )
).2. Sleep – 40% Many ADHD children have sleep problems
3. Screen time – too much screen time can cause hyperactivity
4. Processing problems – This could be related to learning issues or sensory issues like eyesight
5. Relationships – Children could have difficulties with their relationships with family members or friends

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