ADHD Aha! | “Trapped” with ADHD all around the pandemic (Erin’s story)

Erin Lazoen had her ADHD “aha” second all around the pandemic. Working stout time, and a newly single parent, Erin felt “trapped” in her own head — on prime of being caught inner. As a young particular person, she’d been diagnosed with ADHD and struggled with reading comprehension. Nonetheless she hadn’t realized appropriate how a lot ADHD turned into once affecting her as an adult. So she determined to revisit her ADHD diagnosis.

Erin is an “ADHD Aha!” listener who wrote in! Also on this episode: How Erin’s ADHD mind makes her a fun, artistic mom. And feeling bask in an “oddball” in your loved ones, and how Erin grew to become that into a strength.

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