ADHD coaching: What does it mean? What ADHD coaching strategies are available.

Better Brain, Better Game!

Stacey Machelle and special guest ADHD Coach Rene Brooks (Black Girl, Lost Keys) role play an ADHD coaching session to demonstrate how ADHD is executive function coaching and life coaching combined to cater to the Individual’s ADHD brain. Stacey has experienced ADHD coaching and believes that the right coach can transform a person’s life. ADHD is treatable. ADHD awareness is essential before you can treat your symptoms. An ADHD specialist is recommended if you want to get a diagnosis or start treatment. DISCLAIMER. Stacey Machelle has a wealth of knowledge and Rene Brooks, a successful coach and certified practitioner in ADHD management. Both are not medical professionals and cannot give a diagnosis or prescribe medication. They also can’t recommend treatment plans. Many people claim to be ADHD experts. According to me, (stacey Makelle), the only true expert in ADHD is someone who has lived with the disorder and is willing to learn new strategies.

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