ADHD Explained – A Live Expert Panel

You have questions about ADHD, our experts have answers. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADD, is a complicated and often misunderstood learning disability. Our experts will answer your most pressing ADHD questions in this 60-minute panel.

Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D. is a consultant psychologist at Understood and Ellen Galinsky is a cofounder of Families and Work Institute and child development researcher. Andrea Davis Pinkney, best selling children’s author, moderated the discussion.

Below are some ADHD topics that our panelists have covered, as well as time stamps.

04: 27 What is the biggest change in the way brain researchers are thinking about ADHD?

07: 04 What are some ADHD misconceptions?

08: 18 What is the connection between ADHD and executive function?

09: 42 Does everyone have a little ADHD?

13: 48 The central mystery of ADHD

14: 36 Why can a child with ADHD focus on video games, but not homework?

16: 48 Schools should build on passions and interests

17: 24 Why passion matters for people with ADHD

18: 50 How do we teach kids essential life skills, like focus and self-control?

19: 48 The marshmallow test and executive function skills

23: 56 “Mind in the Making” ADHD strategies

24: 55 How to help kids with ADHD succeed in school

26: 30 “Scaffolding” to help kids succeed

28: 00 Successful people with ADHD

28: 20 ADHD runs in families and is related to brain chemistry

Unlock your A-Game!

31: 00 Information on ADHD medication

33: 17 ADHD, sleep, exercise and nutrition

34: 20 The need for training on ADHD for parents, doctors and educators

35: 20 How to help parents who are stressed out

37: 40 When families disagree about ADHD

38: 29 How do you help a child who is struggling emotionally?

41: 03 How do I manage kids’ screen time?

43: 04 Are kids with ADHD more prone to depression and anxiety?

44: 21 Are there certain careers that people with ADHD are better at?

46: 00 Are there life skills that kids with ADHD need to excel at?

47: 16 What’s the best way to describe an ADHD diagnosis to a middle-schooler?

50: 39 What strategies and tactics can we teach our kids to be ready to go out on their own?

55: 15 What is the future for ADHD and executive function?

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