ADHD Intense Relief Study Music for Better Concentration, Focus

ADHD intense relief study music with isochronic tones for better concentration and focus. This track can be used to provide some relief for ADHD symptoms and as background music in a study aid.

This music session with isochronic tone is intended to increase brain speed while keeping your left brain dominant. This music session is great for ADHD patients who want to increase their concentration and attention, as well as reducing hyperactivity and emotional reaction.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) are often characterized by slow-wave EEG patterns, especially in the left frontal area. This session stimulates the left brain with a higher frequency than that of the right, which corrects a hemispheric imbalance.

Notice: Each brain hemisphere controls one side of the body. To stimulate the left brain hemisphere, the frequency is played in the “right ear”, and to stimulate it with the frequency sent to the “left ear”.

Both ears begin with the 10Hz frequency. This gradually increases until the 15-minute mark. The right ear (left brain area hemisphere), receives 40Hz 5 minutes, while the left ear receives 14Hz 1 minute. The cycle repeats three times during the one hour track.

Headphones and Earbuds Required
To get the best results, headphones or earbuds are recommended as each session stimulates one ear at a time.

What Volume?

You can adjust the volume to an appropriate level.

Music Credit: Gravitation (Echoes Album) by Stellardrone
Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 /

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