ADHD Medication and College Students: Prevent Misuse, Abuse, and Diversion

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Although prescription stimulants are often highly effective in reducing ADHD symptoms in children, adolescents, and adults, problems of non-medical misuse and abuse of prescription stimulants among adolescents, college students, and adults have become evident in recent years. Students who are unable to do a lot of work want to reap the benefits of stimulant medication. Friends, acquaintances, and even strangers may ask students with prescriptions to sell their medication. Other students might steal medication from an ADHD student. This webinar will provide information for parents, college students, and professionals on how to prevent misuse, abuse and diversion.

Dr. Kevin Antshel, Associate Professor of Psychology at Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences, is a member of the College of Arts and Sciences. He is also the Director of Clinic Training at the College of Arts and Sciences of Syracuse University. His research is focused on developmental psychopathology, with a special emphasis on attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), across all life stages.

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