ADHD Q&A with NCMH Research Champion Mark

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NCMH Research Champion Mark chats with us about his lived experience with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). As an adult, he was diagnosed with ADHD.

Mark is a keynote speaker and published author. He is also an international campaigner for all new parents to support their mental health and better outcomes for the entire family and child’s development.

00: 00 What are the most common symptoms of ADHD that you experience?
01: 42 When and how were you diagnosed with ADHD?
04: 23 What difficulties do you experience with your ADHD?
07: 59 Do you find it hard to plan ahead, organise and prioritise with ADHD?
08: 55 In what ways does ADHD affect your relationships?
10: 28 What are some of the advantages & disadvantages of disclosing at work that you have ADHD?
13: 29 How did lockdown affect you and your ADHD?
16: 09 Can you lead a successful life with ADHD?
17: 44 How do you reduce stress associated with your ADHD?
20: 19 What advice would you give to someone who suspects that they may have ADHD?
20: 48 In your opinion, why is research within mental health so important?

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