ADHD Stimulant Medication Secrets: The 10 secrets to how Dexamphetamine, Ritalin and Adderall work

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How stimulants work in Adult ADHD: Most people know that the stimulant medications can be of great help in Adult ADHD, but most people think it just boosts concentration. I have seen many people find them transformative and they can be very helpful. There is no such thing as a free lunch. It can help to be aware of some of the negative aspects and ways you can minimize them.

The stimulants (dexamphetaine/Adderall, ritalin/concerta/methylphenidate) have many effects on the brain/body. Many of these stimulants are not well-known to the public or their doctors. We’ll discuss the 10 secrets and
benefits of stimulant medications.Secret 1: Stimulants can inhibit natural distractibility
Secret 2: Inhibitors can decrease spontaneity, creativity, and playfulness
Secret 3: Stimulants can make it worse to sleep, anxiety, panic, and anger
Secret 4: Sometimes stimulants can reduce anger and anxiety
Secret 5: Stimulants can sometimes lead to addiction
Secret 6: Stimulants can improve physical performance, blood pressure, and heart rate
Secret 7: The reverse of stimulant effects
are rebound effectsSecret 8: Sometimes, the “crash”, can help with sleep
Secret 9: Tolerance may develop over time. This can lead to dose creep Regular (weekly) breaks from them
can reduce the risk of secret 10: tolerance/dose creep

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