ADHD Symptoms & Behaviors in Children & Teens – Chronic Inflexibility (Saying “No” To Everything)

ADHD Symptoms & Behaviors in Children & Teens – Chronic Inflexibility (Saying “No” To Everything)
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Does your son/daughter say “No” to anything new or unfamiliar? Accept their answer or do you just ignore it? If you do, then you’re accepting their inflexibility. This can lead to inflexibility getting worse as they age. Typically, between ages 14-15, I see teens reach the “inflexibility tipping point”, where their inflexibility starts an upward trajectory of becoming more severe. Sometimes, their inflexibility can continue into adulthood. This could mean that college students are unable to make it through their first semester because they are not flexible enough about accepting help.

Learn strategies to help your ADHD child/teen develop more flexibility in Scaffolding better Behavior, which is part the ADHD Dude Member Site.

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Ryan Wexelblatt is the ADHD Dude, LCSW and ADHD-CCSP.
Ryan, the father of a son diagnosed with ADHD, is a licensed clinical social worker, certified school social worker, ADHD-certified clinical services provider, and the foremost expert on boys’ social skills.

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