ADHD Symptoms in Children (and other FAQs)

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Are you concerned that your child may have ADHD? Dana Kay answers these questions in this video:

Is there a ADHD checklist?
ADHD is more common in boys than it is in girls.
What are the best natural ways to help ADHD children?
Is there a link between ADHD and aggressive behavior
These are the links that were mentioned in the video:

Checklist for ADHD: /
Video showing 6 natural ADHD interventions: 0
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ABOUT ADHD Thrive Institute

ADHD Thrive Institute exists to help families affected by ADHD with all-natural strategies.


Are you a parent of a child with ADHD?

Chances are you have some major goals to reach in order to manage your child’s symptoms.

You want to be there for your child. You desire a peaceful household. You want to be able to relax and feel more in control, and you want to enjoy your child again.

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ADHD Symptoms in Children (and Other FAQs) – 0.

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