ADHD: The Unsuspected Underdog | Jamie Cutino | TEDxCWRU

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Jamie Cutino a grasp of occupational therapy, founder, ADHD coach, and ADHD recommend. On this discuss, she delves into her upbringing, her war with ADHD, and the contrivance she was in a situation to overcome them. Furthermore, she explores lessons learned alongside the model from working with other neurodivergent females thru her group Outsmart ADHD. Jamie is a Master of Occupational Remedy / Founding father of Outsmart ADHD / Co-founding father of Be Unemployable / ADHD Coach / ADHD Advocate.Jamie did no longer allow the constraints of growing up in poverty, her father’s addictions, or her mom’s demise to outline the bounds of her success. As the founding father of Outsmart ADHD, she coaches females with ADHD to overcome boundaries in their day after day lives, veritably stemming from childhood trauma and having a misunderstood brain. She believes that ADHDers are the most inventive and good humans on this planet, and with the very best seemingly steering and red meat up, their lives can replicate it. She is additionally the Co-founding father of Be Unemployable, a podcast and academic value for neurodivergent change house owners. This discuss was given at a TEDx occasion the utilize of the TED convention format but independently organized by a local other folk. Learn extra at x

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