Are you anxious? (TEST)

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Take our online test to find out if anxiety is a concern.

Are you worried about your anxiety?

Are you always worried?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by worry?

Now take our online test!


DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. If you feel that you have any of these symptoms, please seek the help of a medical professional. THESE VIEWS ARE FROM MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH MENTAL HEALTH


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Many anxiety disorders exist. ;
is one of them.
1) GAD, general anxiety disorder
2) Panic disorder
3) Social anxiety disorder
4) Post-traumatic stress disorder
5) Obsessive-compulsive disorder

This test will determine if you have general anxiety disorder (GAD).

I’ll be asking you 8 questions about anxiety. The questions are ;

Immune Gut & Brain

1) Are you constantly worried and feeling like you don’t have control?
2) Are you concerned about the impact of different events or activities on your life?
3) Are your nerves constantly on edge?
4) Are you easily tired?
5) Do your worries or feelings influence what you do and don’t do with your life?
6) Do you get muscle tension?
7) Are you having trouble concentrating?
8) Can you avoid certain situations?


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