Are you worried that ADHD is a problem? How to Talk to Your Parents

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“But ADHD isn’t real:” /

ADHD is real. Video by CHADD: /

For kids:
How to ask for help regarding an emotional or mental issue
Talking to your parents about ADHD.
For parents:

What is ADHD? K

ADHD is a condition in which your child has ADHD.
It could be ADHD. U

You can get a diagnosis by using l

Immune Gut & Brain

Parents can take a test: a symptom checklist:
Drugs can be reduced by taking medication: W

Note: Proper treatment doesn’t make kids zombies. I don’t mean that no medication has ever made them feel this way. I just mean that the right treatment at a right dose shouldn’t. Although Vyvanse works well for me, it was difficult to find the right dose.

Video by Dr. Russell Barkley — very long but totally worth it — “The 30 fundamental ideas every parent should know:” A

Links to the video:
Understood: n

“The Show Must Be Go”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 Licence /

End Child Anxiety

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