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Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, can sometimes look similar to ADHD or vice versa. Sometimes episodes of mania or hyperactivity can be confused. This video will explain the difference between ADHD and bipolar disorder. What are the similarities?

This is just the beginning of your education. Find out more about ADHD and bipolar disorder from Dr. Dom by clicking the links below.

This discussion features Dr. Dom Sportelli, a double-board-certified psychiatrist, and Kyle Kittleson, a MedCircle host. They answer …
.Is it possible for bipolar disorder symptoms to mimic ADHD symptoms?

Are these disorders related?
Which person is more likely to suffer from both? Why?
How does one distinguish ADHD behavior from bipolar disorder behavior?
Is ADHD medication a factor?
How does one find the best treatment for ADHD and bipolar disorder?

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You can watch Dr. Dom’s complete series on bipolar disorder HERE: 1
It answers questions like –
What exactly is bipolar disorder?
What is the difference between a manic episode of bipolar disorder and a depression?

A complete series of ADHD for children, teens and adults is also available: d
It also includes –
Whether ADHD is similar to other mood disorders such as anxiety or depression, or vice versa
What ADHD looks like in the brain
How a doctor can diagnose ADHD Treatment options for ADHD & ADHD medication Other options for ADHD help
A complete breakdown of ADHD symptoms and how to spot them ADD vs ADHD

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