Greg Doucette | Nikocado Avocado, Maingaining & Vyvanse


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0: 00 Intro
0: 08 Thanksgiving weight gain strategies
1: 02 Eating leftovers with binge eating disorder
1: 53 The “Deep South”, is trying to kill
2: 17 How Greg enjoys Thanksgiving food as a bodybuilder
2: 58 Did Greg really make the recipes in his cookbooks, or is it just a rumor?
3: 48 Why does Greg pay taxes in 6 different states?
4: 18 Tax the rich go brrr
4: 35 The real reason why Greg’s cookbooks are $1,000,000,000,000,000,000
4: 54 How Greg lost his money on the Meatless Cookbook
5: 33 Fake cookbook scams
7: 50 Making $100,000 in 100 hours
8: 30 The benefit of smaller channels reviewing books and recipes
10: 09 Secret supplements coming soon
10: 56 Fat burners don’t actually exist, it was a government psy-op in the 1980s
11: 28 Does protein help you build muscle? Lol
11: 57 How is muscle growth affected if you only do compound lifts?
12: 57 Are you screwed if you exclusively do isolation exercises?
13: 27 Would you rather be obese FOREVER or never workout again?
13: 44 Being morbidly obese can take 20 years off of your life
14: 13 Cardio vs. lifting
14: 49 Nikocado Avocado is down bad and up 10
15: 22 Doctors recommend 500 calorie daily intakes for morbidly obese people
15: 56 The effects of excessive weight gain is similar to abusing steroids
16: 39 If Nikocado Avocado lost weight, it still might be too late
16: 55 Watching Nikocado prevents late night binges
17: 47 Why do people binge eat?
18: 47 Big Pharma will invent the anti-binge pill one day
20: 04 The effects of dieting down to 5% body fat
20: 35 It’s not about the fullness, it’s about sending a message
20: 49 Vyvanse cured my binge eating disorder, until it didn’t
21: 15 Suic*dal thoughts and depression on Vyvanse
22: 16 Introducing Greg’s new supplement, HTLT Cocaine Crack
22: 30 Bodybuilders are on cocaine and adderall
23: 28 Body dysmorphia and being up 10
24: 00 Reverse dieting, refeeds, and diet breaks
24: 27 Greg’s explains maingaining
26: 03 Food tastes better while dieting than when you’re not
26: 22 How do you taste-test recipes when everything tastes good while dieting?
27: 46 Fake YouTubers
28: 10 Going to Remington James’ house and being low energy
29: 09 Greg gets called a fake and a fraud a lot
30: 20 How to grow 50% faster on Youtube
30: 47 Posting daily and its effects on the algorithm
31: 18 MorePlatesMorePlates violently assaulting the algorithm
32: 00 Why Will Tennyson and Jesse James West can’t upload daily
32: 57 Untrustworthy video editors
33: 21 Not posting YouTube videos because “you’re not ready yet”
34: 18 iPhone 13 Pro Max is just as good as Greg’s $5,000 camera
35: 01 Example of a fitness channel that focuses more on quality than quantity
36: 07 Does Greg’s channel have a ceiling for growth?
37: 36 Jeff Nippard vs. Greg
38: 37 Have you ever read a comment so bad that it made you want to jump off a cliff?
39: 27 My mic is so overpowered that my brothers were screaming outside my door and it wasn’t picked up by the mic
40: 03 What’s your least favorite part about YouTube?
40: 13 Greg hates talking to Musket
40: 52 Greg used to be world-renowned, professional web designer
41: 50 You got any time management tips for people?
43: 10 Okay cool, but you got any time management tips for people?
43: 54 Cycling vs. cycling
44: 20 The Average Podcast Avoider vs. the Average Interview Enjoyer
45: 38 Earning $10,000 from one video
46: 28 People love you when you’re “underrated” but slowly hate you when you blow up
46: 43 Kim John Un – Fatty or Not?
47: 17 How many subscribers did you have when you could make a living from YouTube alone?
47: 56 Musket helped Greg have the #1 cookbook sales day in HISTORY
48: 15 Greg’s team originally didn’t think it was a good idea to respond to Musket’s cookbook review
48: 49 As soon as you do anything to make money, you’re a sellout
49: 16 Greg had texted me earlier that he could only be on the pod for 30min, and here we are at this timestamp lol
49: 52 Greg says he’s gonna leave and go do his thing, but doesn’t actually leave and go do his thing
50: 03 There’s a person on Greg’s team with the sole duty of sending him videos to react to
50: 31 Does Greg hand package, ship, and deliver every product he sells?
51: 42 Remington James packin bars at the Anabar factory
52: 15 Greg announcing his 200 calorie protein bar
53: 05 Spending $2,000,000 on low calorie barbecue sauce
53: 39 RYSE is literally sold out 24/7
53: 56 Greg says a HIGHLY controversial word on the podcast
54: 31 Greg’s house builders are worse than
54: 52 If YouTube was randomly deleted one day, what would you do?
56: 50 Greg Doucette go brrr

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