Health Anxiety Questions Answered

Health Anxiety Questions Answered

Why can I feel my heart beat in my neck? Is anxiety a cause of high blood pressure? Why is my anxiety not improving? Is anxiety a threat to your heart? How can you stop skip beats? Exercise can increase your cortisol levels, so how is it good for you? Is bereavement a cause of health anxiety?
This video is a response to questions I receive from subscribers regarding health anxiety.
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00: 00 Questions about health anxiety
00: 24 Why does my heart go faster when anxious?
00: 51 Does anxiety raise blood pressure ?
01: 04 Why do I feel my heart beating in my neck?
01: 33 Can a fast resting heart rate damage your heart?
03: 46 How do you stop skipped heart beats?
05: 11 Is distraction good for anxiety?
05: 39 Is exercise good for anxiety?
06: 24 Can bereavement cause health anxiety?
07: 05 How do I stop worrying about every illness?
07: 50 How do you know if its health anxiety symptoms or real symptoms
08: 30 Why is my health anxiety not getting better?
10: 23 Is it possible to recover from health anxiety?
10: 58 3 tips for beating health anxiety

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