How I Overcame My Social Anxiety Symptoms Completely


Hi, my name is Seb. I’m a former #SocialAnxietyDisorder sufferer, the host of a popular podcast show (Social Anxiety Solutions) and a social confidence coach.

Since 2009,, I’ve helped hundreds #sociallyanxious people feel #calm and #comfortable socially.

Due to the #CoronaVirus, I am in self-quarantine. People like the quarantined Italians who sang from their balconies inspired me. Well, I have a lot of time …

However, I thought I could help and created a free 30day Social Confidence Challenge to all those who struggle with #socialanxiety.

This is a great opportunity to lower your social anxiety.

Now the mainstream belief is that the only way to do this is to #ChangeYourThoughts, and force yourself to #FaceYourFears

This didn’t work out for me (I’ll share more about the challenge), so I looked for #AlternativeWays. Finally, I came up with a new approach.

My approach is based on #traditional #WesternPsychology but includes a very important component,
Addressing your #EMOTIONAL SIDE to social anxiety.

Although I can help you change your mind and face your fears, I do it in an #EffectiveWay that is #LessStressful and much more effective.


Face your fears inside. Then, you #release them.

For this, we use a #powerful, #scientificallyproven to be #effective #EmotionalReleaseTechnique. Details about the #technique and how to use it to #OvercomeSocialAnxiety are beyond the scope of this brief message.

This is the 30-day Challenge.

This technique helped me overcome my social anxiety and I now use it to help my clients.

With this approach, you will chip away at your #SocialAnxietyIssues. You can do all this from the comfort of your home.

Once the virus is under control, we can go out again with less anxiety and more confidence.

Sound good?

You can #register here:

You’ll find a video from me explaining what you can expect, testimonials from clients who have overcome their SA using this approach and, of course, the opportunity to join.

We hope to see you there.


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Click the link to find out how to feel confident in social situations without having to face your fears.

Are you ashamed of who you are sometimes or always?

Are you avoiding social situations? Do you fear the weekend?

Are you able to come up with excuses for not attending awkward social events?

Talking to people is difficult?

Do you freeze up? Do you feel like your voice is slipping?

Is your chest tightening?

Can’t get along with others?

Do you feel like others are judging your actions?

Do you need a cure for social anxiety disorder?

Are you afraid of any of these?
Fear of rejection
Fear of appearing foolish Fear of being bullied
Fear of being teased
Fear of criticism ,
Fear of disapproval
Fear of conflict,
Fear of not being liked Fear of embarrassment,
Fear of ridicule Fear of being laughed at
Fear of being laughed at
Fear of being ignored
Fear of not fitting in ,
Fear of not being accepted

I’m a loser,
I’m different,
I don’t fit in I’m awkward,
I’m stupid,
I’m weak,
I’m weird,
Are you not good enough?
Do you feel unsafe in social situations?
Is it possible to “face your fears” without success?

My site will show you a much more effective way of getting out of your comfort zone. It’s possible to face your fears in an approach that isn’t scary. This can help you find a way to get rid of your frustrations and suffering.

Although it won’t happen overnight, there is a lot of progress that can be made (less anxious and more confident) over the course of several weeks. With persistence, you can achieve anxiety-free living. It doesn’t matter how severe your anxiety is or how long it has been. I make big promises. These are followed up by Sebastiaan van den Schrier (Pro EFT Level III NLP, PSYCHK).

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