How to Identify ADHD in Children- ADHD Symptoms in urdu- An Overview of ADHD Children

In this video psychologist Sonia Abbas talks about “How to Identify ADHD in Children?- ADHD Symptoms in urdu- An Overview of ADHD Children”

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ADHD can also be called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
There are two main symptoms, as the name suggests. Attention deficit is the first sign. Children are unable to pay attention for a longer time. Other symptoms include hyperactivity and impulsivity.

This disorder is most common in children between 6 and 8 years old. ADHD typically affects children between 6 and 8 years old.

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Let’s talk about ADHD symptoms in children. The first is inattention. They are often unable to respond to parental commands. Complete the homework

Hyperactivity is another sign of ADHD. The parent claims that their child is acting like a machine. They are always active. They don’t sit well, they are constantly running and disturbing other things.

ADHD children have trouble concentrating on their homework. They are unable to pay attention for long periods of time and perform tasks that require a lot of concentration. The ADHD children also tend to forget school supplies such as pencil notebooks and other School essentials. Parents of children with ADHD complain that their children are not listening when they talk to them.
ADHD can also occur in adults, just as ADHD in children. ADHD can become chronic in adulthood if it is not treated. It is rare for ADHD to appear in adolescents.

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