How to Recognize ADHD Symptoms in Children

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Are your child hyperactive and impulsive? Do they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? These ADHD guidelines can help you determine if your child needs a checkup.

Step 1: Take note of their attention span
You can see their ability to concentrate. While most children are able to pay attention, ADHD sufferers seem to have a shorter attention span than other children. However, they can’t seem to listen to their parents even when they speak to them. They often lose their things, have difficulty following instructions and make many careless mistakes.

Step 2: Rate their hyperactivity
If they seem to be too energetic, even for children, it is important to recognize this. Do they have trouble sitting still? Are they prone to running or climbing in inappropriate ways? Do they often get in trouble at school because they can’t sit still? Are they a constant talker? Do they interrupt constantly?

Some children are more attentive than others, and vice versa. Boys are more likely than girls to have attention problems.

Step 3: Consider how long it has lasted
Take into account how long this behavior has been ongoing. ADHD is a diagnosis that can be confirmed if symptoms are present for longer than six months.

Step 4: Look at where it is
Take note of where they behave. ADHD could be the cause of their symptoms if they are only present at home or at school.

Step 5: Assess the seriousness
Assess the severity of the problem. ADHD children are often disruptive at school and home. ADHD children have problems with their relationships with other children and adults.

Step 6: Visit the doctor
You should take your child to the pediatrician if you notice any of these symptoms. Before ADHD can be diagnosed, it is important for your child to have a medical exam.

Did You Know?
ADHD was twice as common in children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy than in those whose mothers didn’t smoke.

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