How to Stop Mistakes that Make Adult ADD / ADHD Worse

Alan Brown joins Tara McGillicuddy on ADHD Support Talk Radio. This podcast episode will feature Tara McGillicuddy and Alan Brown discussing important topics related to Mistakes That Make Adult ADD/ ADHD Worse. Stop making ADHD worse by making these mistakes.

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ADHD Support Talk Radio is an award-winning podcast for adults with ADD / ADHD. Lynne Edris and Tara McGillicuddy, co-hosts, are joined by experts in Adult ADHD. They discuss important topics related to Adult ADD / ADHD. Podcast guests include Dr. Edward Hallowell and Dr. Stephanie Sarkis as well as Dr. Ari Tuckman, Laurie Dupar and Terry Matlen.

Tara McGillicuddy, the producer, owner and co-host of ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast is Tara McGillicuddy. Tara can be reached for general questions and feedback regarding the podcast.

Lynne Edris hosts the ADHD Support Talk Radio podcast. Lynne Edris can be reached to give feedback on her podcasts or if she is interested in interviewing you.


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