Immortality and Fantasy

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It’s clear that few people are interested in the ego and its function in our minds. We would rather live in a world full of fantasies and delusions. Understanding our thinking processes is key to mental and physical well-being. These secrets are the focus of this article. I hope the reader finds it informative and will gain some self-knowledge.

Can’t sleep? Find out why!

Additional information about melatonin (L)

Find out more about Dr. Myron Arunner, PhD and ADHD-induced sleeping disorders. 6

Strategies to help you sleep better: /

“To Bed” app: 5

“Sleep Cycle”, an iPhone app that monitors your sleep and gently wakes up you

Relax Melodies, a great app to listen to sleep sounds: f

“f.lux” refers to a blue-light filter.

Top 8 ADHD sleep apps: O

I’m trying out a sunrise-simulating alarmclock. y

00: 00 Introduction: What’s the most recent on ADHD and sleep problems?
01: 03 Why?
02: 00 How do you make a brain work?
03: 55 – Video Wrap-Up & Outro

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