Join Us for #OurAnxietyStories – Thriving With Anxiety – October 10, 2019

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On October 10, 2019, we’re celebrating World Mental Health Day by launching #OurAnxietyStories, a campaign to celebrate the courage and strength of people thriving with anxiety!

John Bateman, host of YouTube, will interview dozens Canadians suffering from anxiety, from 11AM until 7PM PST. He’ll be interviewing icons like actor/comedian Cathy Jones and Sloan drummer Andrew Scott, as well as people from all walks of the life. John will be speaking with experts from all walks of anxiety treatment.

We invite listeners to share their stories via all major social media platforms using the hashtag #OurAnxietyStories. Our anxiety experiences matter. Talking about anxiety can be a source of pride and power. It is possible to talk about anxiety more often, which will increase the likelihood that everyone will eventually be able get the mental health support they require.

More than ever, Canadians are desperate for Anxiety Canada’s resources:

End Child Anxiety

Recent poll of 1 ,500 Canadians revealed that 41% surveyed described themselves as someone who suffers from anxiety.
There is widespread acceptance that consumers need to have access to mental health services when they are needed. Private care options, which can cost $180 up to $200 an hour in Canada, remain unavailable for most Canadians.


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