Kevin Gates – Super General (Lyrics)

Kevin Gates – Super General (Lyrics)
Better Brain, Better Game!

Kevin Gates – Super General
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We could be stars (I have to get this off my chest. )
We were quite wreckin’ cars (Ayy bro, is that Jambo?) )
I will forgive you for any wrongdoings you may have committed, but bitch, you can tell me on a nigga
What’s at stake for us? (I love you )
Kickin’ off power mirrors
You’re gonna get fucked here,
Yes, we could be stars (But you don’t appreciate me being here, for real )
But I think our time is up
You heard me, Ayyy! When I put it on my lil’ friend, I should have spit on it.
So we fell from the spinning tops
You don’t know? Maybe for trial (ATL –)
).Retarded, pussy little bitch
If you’re my nigga then I’m yo’ killer. Nobody gon’ playwith you
Yes, I won’t lie. Since you left my side, I got more security with
My little son, you’re my gated neighborhood, my estate, if you don’t remember
Lay down on the ground and shared the space with my children
.All of them bands, I’m playing with millions, but it’s impossible to say that I don’t miss “
.You know the I’m Him album flopped. Deep down, you have major resentment
Although I was treated unfairly when I went to prison, I am willing to speak on the matter
Passin’ it from past experience
if you are unable to resolve a family dinner issueMedia created a story for all the fans. However, many facts were missing ‘
Jay and Lee Lucas helped me when I was remanded. They then took me back to prison
How can you explain to your spouse that you were involved in illegal businesses?
They were all happy when I was high on drugs. But I got sober and I’m now paying attention .Shit on my name gave it a blemish. Her mother did turn my little ones against me
She bought me a truck while I was gone and I can’t describe the feelings I feel ‘
.She and her son leapt on my new wife, took her purse, and won’t say
My personal trainer invaded my home, and deep inside it killed me
She and this nigga who’s plotted me on some cake deep inside to kill
Criticize when I was fat, I developed some insecurities
I started using Adderall and went to the gym three times per day. This is how I became skinny
I tried the alcohol, which helped me to block all my symptoms
It’s not obvious to anyone that I’m suffering, playing perfect while on Insta ‘
Tried to tell the whole world what I was jugglin’. Left subliminals on twitter
Bito tried to tell my me, “Just concentrate,” but I’m sippin’ this
Moneybagg was lied to by Brother. Yo, that’s still me brother. But we are
.Remember Mazi, when he shines ‘
? I love him so much.Boo Dirty was the player. We fell out and he forgave me
Curb Boy tried warning me, swear to God I wish I’d listened
Jeff Perry, I am sorry. You know I love and care about you.
I took the lick, which made me feel guilty. I returned and tried to fix it
.I was still trying to manipulate my mind
with my little temper.I am in the 70805, where I post up in my trenches
.I told Lil Tank, DL and Tony “Don’t let anyone kill me “
.”Bundle of Brittany
Cold-hearted woodland hills. Stuffin’ the dick in Bundle of BrittanyAlthough we had a deep infatuation for each other, there was no commitment .She knew I was in the Cartel, and was not happy with my ‘
lifestyle.She made the safer decision and had a baby with her new
niggaShe now admits she made a mistake, but deep down her heart wasn’t in it
We were laid up, I don’t know why they hit and lost the shipment
My heart is full, I may fly again, but you have hurt me, so I’m out of the picture
Your baby will now look like me
if you stress ’bout me throughout yo’ pregnancy.When you realize that something’s missing ‘
, it’s easy to go home and fall asleep.I will eat it all, and put all my energy into Islah & lil’ Killa Interviews: I took the blame and made it seem like I was trippin ‘

Super General
Super General Lyrics
Kevin Gates Super General
Super General Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates Super General Lyrics
Super General Kevin Gates Lyrics
Super Gremlin Freestyle
Kevin Gates Super Gremlin
Super Gremlin

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