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“What is ADHD?” and “Do you have ADHD?” are both common questions. Once you are familiar with the symptoms and signs of ADHD, it is important to get the correct diagnosis. You might have a different mental disorder than ADHD if you experience some of these symptoms. What are the most common signs that lead to misdiagnosis? This video will show you why so many people misunderstand ADHD symptoms.

This is not the end of education. Learn more about adult ADHD and how you can spot it from Dr. Judy’s full series HERE: d
It also includes –
What ADHD looks like in the brain
How a doctor can diagnose ADHD Treatment options for ADHD & ADHD medication Other options for ADHD help
A complete breakdown of ADHD symptoms and how to spot them ADD vs ADHD

This discussion features Dr. Judy Ho, a triple-board certified neuropsychologist, and Kyle Kittleson, a MedCircle Host. They answer …
Is Dr. Judy a clinical expert who has seen this?
What are the symptoms of sensory processing disorder? It is often misdiagnosed with ADHD.
What are the signs and symptoms of anxiety in children, teens, and adults? It is often misdiagnosed with ADHD.
What are the signs and symptoms of autism? It is often misdiagnosed with ADHD.
What other mental health conditions are often misdiagnosed with ADHD? Why?

A comprehensive series of ADHD tips and tricks for children is also available: d

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