My 3 Most Debilitating Symptoms Of Anxiety And How I Crushed Them

My 3 Most Debilitating Symptoms Of Anxiety And How I Crushed Them

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Description: Dennis, could you please tell me about your worst anxiety symptoms and how you handled them? I have been receiving a lot of questions lately. I’ve made many videos around anxiety symptoms in the past few years but in this video I want to target the energetic/imagination side of my skill sets that I used to ride myself of coping with symptoms of anxiety on a daily basis.

Here are some reasons we need to talk about hypochondria/health anxiety more!

Hypochondria refers to a mental condition that causes people to worry excessively and constantly about the possibility of developing a serious illness. A person may not experience any symptoms of anxiety. However, mild symptoms or bodily sensations may be thought to be symptoms of a serious condition.

Even if a thorough test has shown no serious medical condition, this can still haunt the individual.

People with hypochondria/health anxious live in constant fear that they may be afflicted with one or more diseases. Although doctors may assure them that everything is well, the reality is that the cough and pain are real.

Doctors cannot guarantee that someone isn’t suffering from multiple sclerosis or cancer. Hypochondriacs should not be afraid to worry about their worst fears.

Hypochondria is a serious condition. People who suffer from this anxiety every day not only experience mental and emotional damage, but can also destroy many relationships.

Although hypochondriacs make up only six percent of all people who visit the clinics each year, they are more frequent visitors and spend as much time in hospitals than I have for years.

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Online, you can find a lot of information on different conditions. This can lead to anxiety symptoms and worsening hypochondria. People suffering from anxiety are prone to frequent internet searches in order to find information about new diseases or presentations of old illnesses.

Most doctors consider hypochondriacs/health anxiety sufferers to be of nuisance value and do not mind losing them as patients. However, there are some doctors who think that it is false to assume that there is nothing wrong with patients. Although they believe there is indeed something wrong, the anomaly may be more related to abnormal thoughts, suppressed emotions and memory than any physical problems.

Hypochondria is divided into three types of mental disorders. These symptoms are similar to hypochondriacs. The first type can be described as OCD variation; the second can be depression caused by guilt or loss; and the third is composed of people who somatize and put more focus on their bodies.

Hypochondria can take the form of a vicious circle that is self-reinforcing in all these cases. Anxiety sufferers with health anxiety may experience some symptoms of anxiety. They might interpret it as an irregularity and begin to look for other signs. Minor twinges and pains are common. It is common to find more minor abnormalities by further investigation. Even if the doctor tells you there is nothing wrong, it doesn’t mean that you should be confident. You have the sensations that may indicate that something might be wrong.

All the reasons mentioned above and many more make it important to have more discussion and debate about hypochondria. This will raise awareness about this mental condition and provide new ways to manage it.

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