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This video is about my personal experience taking adderall. This drug is not the same for everyone. Please listen to what is important to you and ignore what doesn’t. This story was shared to highlight a problem that many thousands of people struggle with.

“In 2012, over 116,000 people were admitted to rehab for an addiction to amphetamines like Adderall.” – Found from

This topic offers additional education and resources.

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Alyse Parker, my love, here. Since 2005, I have been sharing my YouTube journey and am infinitely grateful for the community we have created together. This channel and community is for you if you want to make your dreams come true + have unshakeable confidence in yourself. My little corner of the internet is yours, friend. You are welcome to take off your shoes, grab your journal and get comfy. You’ll fit right in, I know.

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