Stress, Forgetfulness and Memory Loss: Is It Mental Illness?

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What causes forgetfulness and memory loss in stress? And when is it a mental illness? Dr. Judy Ho, a triple board-certified neuropsychologist, is one of the nation’s leading experts in neurological and psychological testing. She knows how stress can cause memory loss or forgetfulness, and when it is time to seek help from a mental health professional.

This is just the beginning of your education. Find out more about stress, memory problems, Alzheimers, dementia and other mental health issues with Dr. Judy Ho by clicking the links below.

This discussion features Dr. Judy and MedCircle host Kyle Kyle Kittleson answering …
– From the perspective as a neuropsychologist–when does “having a bad memory” become an actual mental health concern?
– What could be causing mental illness?

Is it possible to have a worse memory when suffering from anxiety or depression?
Are there any signs that it is time to seek mental health treatment?


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