The Best E-Commerce Marketing Calendar Plan

. Not everyone has the right plan. eCommerce is booming and is expected to grow to $4. 058 trillion in 2020,, which is a huge number.

We have a solid plan that will help you understand what works.

1 Build Your Base
Get to know and hire the right people for your WooCommerce company. Your business goals should be the basis of your plan. Build social media profiles, email subscriber list, automation services like MailChimp.

Some plugins that can greatly help you are-

  • For Marketing Automation Management- Hubspot WooCommerce Integration Pro,Mautic WooCommerce Integration.

2 Start Content Marketing

  • Keep track of your competitors’ content and make it rich.

  • Try to analyse the industry’s best content.

    Share your content via social media.

    Show them what you can do, not what yours is.

    Use SEO research to create blogs.

3) Social Media Platform

  • Use Social media ROI(use UTM codes, using built-in analytics).

  • HTML3_ Interact with your followers.

  • Use paid options to increase your traffic.

    HTML4_ Attract Customers

    • Use Google Adwords to create highly responsive ads. It is important to choose the right audience and to use an efficient and effective keyword.

    • Eyes helps customers find products that are attractive. To attract customers with attractive cards, use plugins such as WooCommerce Gift Card.

    • HTML3_ Offering them points for their purchases may be a good idea. Woocommerce rewards and points.

    • to by giving them points or coupon codes.

      HTML5_ Use email marketing

      • Personalize your emails to make customers feel valued.

      • Personalize your messages based on their age, place of residence, and industry.

      • Use influencer marketing campaigns.

      6 Observe, Learn

      Analyze the results.

      • Learn from your mistakes.

      • Use Google Analytics (free tool) for analysis of your customers.

      Analyse, learn from your mistakes and improve

      7) Attract More Traffic
      Traffic!! This is something every shopkeeper wants.

      • Offer discounts/coupons using plugins at WordPress and codecanyon.

      • Get a free product with your order.

        Use holidays and celebrations to increase your sales (Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Tuesday, etc.).

      HTML8_ Grow with Affiliate Partnerships

      • Use your main page to make affiliates.

      • Review your affiliates.

      9 Find More Traffic

      • Focus on a better CPC.

      • Analyze your site’s data and make improvements.

      • Update old adds with quality content. Get ideas from people who are doing well.

      • 10) Build a Strategy with Your Teammates Use the information you have gathered to create a strategy. They are there for you every step of the way.

        United is where we stand, and divided we fall.

        11)Start Some Free Services And Products.

        • Everyone loves free stuff. Give away something.

        • Consider participating in contests or quizzes that offer prizes and gifts.

        Yay!! Thank you for your gift.

        Now you can see your traffic increase.

        It is an easy and effective way to increase traffic. Despite the fact that obstacles may arise, you can learn to overcome them and move on. Thank you for reading

        Hope it helps.



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