The Urgency of Early Intervention: Transforming Lives with OCD | Shaun Flores | TEDxJohnLyonSchool

In an world where mental health is recurrently lost sight of and OCD is mocked and deeply misunderstood, Shaun Flores, a eminent mental health imply, shares his inside most run of resilience and the transformative vitality of early intervention in managing OCD to construct lives. From despair to resolution, Shaun’s legend highlights the significance of recognizing and addressing mental illness at an early stage, in the extinguish empowering folks to manual fine lives. Shaun Flores is an acclaimed speaker, mental health imply, and catalyst for change, Shaun inspires endless folks worldwide by the critical story of remodeling inside most fret into reason. Residing with OCD & ADHD, Shaun navigates mental illness true into a persevering with mental wellness. Undiagnosed mental illness left Shaun, suicidal, hopeless, and sorrowful when a second hit him “I could change the enviornment” Since then his mission has remained the identical. eminent for “OCD was the worst thing to happen to me and I will be the worst thing to ever happen to OCD.” and I could move away the enviornment in a bigger position than I learned it. This discuss was given at a TEDx tournament the disclose of the TED convention format but independently organized by a native community. Learn extra at x

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