What does it feel like to be free from a clinical depression? (Major Depressive Episode)

What does it feel like to be free from a clinical depression? (Major Depressive Episode)

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This video is intended for educational and documentary purposes and is not meant to diagnose or treat. All opinions are those of the person who made the video. For all your mental and physical healthcare needs, please consult a professional.

Noah Thomas, creator of this channel was diagnosed with hypogonadism and legally prescribed Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

My Story

Noah is my name. On May 2011,, I experienced a rare reaction to VIVITROL. This led me to spiral into suicidal depression and anxiety. In 4 weeks, I lost 25 pounds and experienced 8 weeks of panic attacks or near panic. This was combined with the worst depression I could have imagined. I couldn’t work immediately and was forced to live with my parents 24/7. They, along with many of their siblings, had to keep an eye on me7 because I was a threat to myself. I ended up spending a week in the Psych Ward. It was difficult to get through each day and I knew that I would die. Many different SSRI’s SNRIs Tricyclics, mood stabilizers, anti-psychotics and holistic meds were prescribed to me. I even received RTMS shock therapy. For a whole year, I saw no improvement in my condition. It was determined that I had treatment-resistant depression. I spent almost every moment in tears. My latest round of medication (Seroquel and Nortryptaline), was completed. I had my blood drawn to check for hormone imbalances. The average male has . This discovery gave me an explanation for why I wasn’t getting better and what might have caused my illness. Low T symptoms are similar to major depression. Soon after, I was legally prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. Since then, I have been keeping track of my experiences and sharing my insights and perspectives on mental health topics. Over the past 6 years, I have seen my mental health improve and become more stable than I ever imagined. Over a year, my low testosterone manifested in major depression, anxiety, depersonalization/ derealization. Although I was able to treat my low testosterone, it was only one piece of the puzzle. I have had to keep working hard to maintain my mental stability despite many setbacks. It was a miracle that I gained some mental stability back after being near death for so long. Although I don’t consider myself completely healed, I feel closer than ever and plan to use the lessons I have learned to help others. I was able successfully to get off my Seroquel/ Pamelor.

As part of my mental health recovery, I exercise all the time. My free time is dominated by weight training and cardio, which I share on my YouTube channel.

LetsGetChecked affiliate Noah Thomas (bignoknow).

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