Why anxiety symptoms feel so real!

Why do Anxiety Symptoms Feel So Real???? Anxiety symptoms can feel very real and frightening. They feel real because they are real. You are probably not seeing symptoms. Our minds are able to magnify and focus pains in certain areas. How can we conquer anxiety and beat anxiety disorder? These are the tips you need to be applying every day in order to reduce anxiety. Do not skip any day. There will always be bad days. How we deal with the bad days will determine how our mental health progresses. Find and address the root causes of your anxiety. Every day, practice gratitude! Everybody has something to be grateful for. Keep a daily journal, exercise regularly, eat healthy, meditate in the mornings and at night, practice cbt, take a multivitamin, meditate in the evenings, do cbt, get counseling or therapy if you have the option, and watch positive affirmations and asmr videos. Don’t forget to keep trying! We are grateful for your comment. Please keep in touch and subscribe if possible.

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