Why We Fidget & Why it Helps

Why We Fidget & Why it Helps
Better Brain, Better Game!

Is this you? Tapping your fingers. Bouncing a leg. Playing with a pen, keys and rings.
Until someone shouts “Stop! You don’t realize how irritating that can be! “
You probably didn’t know we were doing it. You stop. You’ll be silent for a few seconds. Then tap-tap-tap…
Why do we fidget? Do we need to be concerned? Is it a problem? Could it be a solution?

Although others may find your fidgeting distracting it can actually help you manage your agitation and increase your ability to concentrate and think.

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You might wonder, “Who is this guy and why is he doing this ?’
My name is Joe and I am a father, husband, comedian writer, producer, director, and performer. 2009 was where I made my first documentary, ADD & Loving It! It has been viewed by millions around the world. I was diagnosed with adult ADHD (combined type) at the age 47,. I have also experienced a few episodes of depression.

This Patreon page is intended for those who love to tackle new projects and are interested in many topics. This is a place where we can freely discuss our thoughts and the challenges and joy that comes with them.

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